The conception of chemical bonding between two or more human molecules follows exactly the same logic as the conception of chemical bonding between small molecules; however, in the human case, wherein people are earth-bound substrate-attached molecules, a gravitation factor comes into play.  All chemical bonds are electro-magnetic in composition operated by the interaction of photons and valence shell electrons.

In a simple combination reaction, such as, for instance, between a newly dating pair, in which two previously unattached individuals, A and B, form the bonded relationship A=B:

 A + B   A=B
or that in which a couple breaks up (a dissolution reaction):

A=B → A + B

the attachment "A=B" in each case is a human chemical bond, under the operation of an exchange force, the description of which involves a rigorous use of psychology, psychodynamics, evolutionary psychology, quantum mechanics, chemical thermodynamics, quantum electrodynamics, quantum chemistry, particle physics, among other sciences.


The Human Molecule
→ Bonding
(March 6, 2008)

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