Journal of Human Thermodynamics
The "thermodynamical" study of systems of human molecules
In 1952, English physicist and statistical thermodynamicist C.G. Darwin, in the Introduction chapter to his The Next Million Years, defined the science of "human thermodynamics" as the thermodynamical study of systems of human molecules.

The Journal of Human Thermodynamics, launched in 2005, is host to new articles in human thermodynamics. 
JHT | 2012 draft submissions

This page, as of late 2012, links to certain JHT draft submissions, in their original form, used for peer-review purposes at the JHT beta review site, as listed below:
Article: “Natural Law Social Science: Socioeconomics as an Exact Science”
Received: 31 Jan 2012
Author: Stephen I. Ternyik
Original: Article (pdf)
Candidate: JHT 8(3)
Article: “Social Equation of State” 
Received: 12 Apr 2012 
Author: Mohsen Mohsen-Nia
Original: Article (pdf)
Candidate: JHT 8(2)
Article: “A Strange Thing Called Love: in View of Thermodynamics”
Received: 27 Apr 2012
Authors: Vamshi Regalla and Ravi Vedula
Original: Article (pdf)
Slot: JHT 8(4)